Experiment 2: The Space Between

Architects:      Wang Shu
Harry Seidler 

The Two Concepts

The 18 Sketch Axonometrics

12 conceptional sketches

3 pairs of combinations and artisan combinations

The second pair "framed view + tactile layering" is chosen

The 36 Custom Textures

The Architectures

5 Real-time Images Capture Showing a Lumion Environment

Texture FRAMED VIEW is applied to the window-liked wall
Textures INCLUSIVE and LAYERING are applied to the layered chairs

Bird view

Week 3

36 Textures 

7 sets (42textures) created

Week 2

3 Pairs of Parallel Projections

Attempts in Lumion with Artisan


Wrapping + Blurred boundary

Immersed in the site + Blurred boundary


Wrapping + Irregular tactile montage

Wrapping + Irregular tactile montage


Framed view + Tactile layering

Framed view + Tactile layering

Week 1

12 Axonometric Drawings

Final Version

Attempt 1

Attempts in Lumion 

Regular Lumion - Framed view

Lumion in Sketch Mode - Framed view