The 3 images

As we were assigned to produce a pencil holder out of unconventional materials (tie hanger + springs + fishing line + chair foot pad) and shapes, it was actually quite hard to start at the very first beginning. I had tried on different materials, colours, ways to join them together, and even the directions for putting the pencils in. It was fun while it also struggled me a lot when I was trying to put stuff around. However, as it came with failure and progress, I learnt from them and finally, I finished my project! (yeah!)

Fallingwater (1935), designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), is a fantastic and the most beautiful building piece to me. In fact, this building is the reason why I have chosen Architecture as my major. When the first time I saw this building in a magazine, I was amazed by how its form and function merge together as one, how it undoubtedly and perfectly blended with the site and how difficult it is to deal with all the potential problems the site may cause due to the environment and technology at that period. As its name implies, the building is sitting right on the waterfall and most of the building materials were kept and utilize as the site (nature) was provide (both exterior and interior) and which followed his notion of 'form and function are one'.

To me, the most beautiful thing in the world is my home city, Macau. One of the best images that I have seen is this picture, Ruin of St. Paul without any people at the spot. The reason why is that no matter it is weekdays or weekends, thousands of tourists are trying to squeeze into the site, while this picture is showing its contrary and it is wonderful and I am so happy to see someone has completed the mission impossible.